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The Legend of Timpanogos Mountain

This a Native American tale of the first people who forgot the Law of Respect to protect Mother Earth.  Utahna is a brave woman who goes on a journey to save her people from starvation. The monument to her legend is the Timpanogos Mountain in American Fork, Utah where she lies in an eternal slumber to remind all people to respect all nations and Mother Earth.  The great love between Utahna and Red Eagle lives forever in the Heart Rock inside Timpanogos Cave.    A story for all ages to remember to protect the environment and have kindness for each other.

Jean M. Nahomni Mani, Author

All Rights Reserved Copyright  © 2019 Jean M. Nahomni Mani        ISBN-13: 978-0692655146

My goal is to share with the world Native American stories that are entertaining and educate the world on Native culture and traditions.

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Sunflower Boy

The Dakota believe it was the brave soul of a small boy who the Creator turned into a Sunflower to make the lives brighter for everyone.

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Timpanogos  Mountain