In the beginning, the Creator shaped rock and water into a planet He called earth.  The first warrior Timpanogos helped the Creator plant trees and flowers.  The four legged-animals were molded from the dust and the world was blessed as Mother Earth.  She was lonely and wanted children.  The Creator sent gifts of the two-legged human beings.  Timpanogos placed the children in mud to ride on the back of the ancient turtle “Sage.” The giant turtle climbed up through middle earth digging a way to the place in the Rocky Mountains. Timpanogos said, “This is your new home on Mother Earth.”

The Creator gave the First People the name of “Hunka” (Hoon-kah), meaning family. The people thanked the Father for the safe journey and named the mountains Timpanogos Valley. The families grew into many tribes moving throughout the lands.

The human beings received instruction to respect their four-legged brothers and sisters.  The Creator taught lessons, “Live in harmony with each other.”  He said, “The most important lesson for the Hunka to remember is the Law of Respect for Mother Earth.”

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The Heart Rock monument is in the Timpanogos Cave located in the American Fork Canyon, south of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Timpanogos  Mountain

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The Legend of Timpanogos Mountain

By Jean M. Nahomni Mani

This is a story of protecting Mother Earth